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Albuquerque in exactly four days! I'm so excited to see my grandma and cousin.

I swear to god, I've never been this bored with my life before.
It's official, I hate Arizona.

I actually rode the exercise bike for 45 minutes today. I usually don't last that long because I have things to do. I have nothing to do.

The SAT's are over. I have no idea how I did, I'm just glad I'm through with them. Now I can stop stressing.

I have to read the Iliad this summer. I haven't started yet, because I honestly just dont feel like it.

I watched Forrest Gump, the Doors, and then No Direction Home. All in a row. God my life sounds so pathetic. I also cleaned the house yesterday. Once again, it's the boredom.

I've come to the conclusion that ever since I moved I'm been more and more unhappy. I dont have any true friends here, and summer has really given me time to realize that. I'm pretty disgusted with myself to be honest. I've literally spent the last two weeks with my little sister. I believe I went to the park with my "friends" once? But that's been it, and I'm pretty much giving up.

Ok so away from my random moment of depression. I'm seriously having a hayden christensen fangirl rebirth. Honestly, his acting might not be the greatest, but I still love every thing I've seen him in.

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I've made the friends cut. I feel like I cut quite a few people but unfortunately, it had to be done.

If you can not see this post, then please remove me from your friend's list.